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Ladies Candles


It’s a candle dedicated to the Ladies. 

I have used black pearls, flowers and black sand in this design. 

A woman must be two things: “Who she wants and what she wants”.  – by Coco Chanel.   

“Education is the main dress for the festival of life”. – by Carolina Herrera. 

“Age is something that is only in your head or in a stereotype. Age doesn’t mean anything when you’re passionate about something.” – by Carolina Herrera 


Black ,gray + Light red.  


Santal and Coconut fragrance oil. Santal is the sacred tree of India and very popular due to its sweet, woody and exotic aroma. It is used to bring peace of mind, to purify the home and in natural medicine to treat conditions such as anxiety, respiratory and urinary problems.  

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, phthalate-free. 


Large: 5.5” height, 3.5” diameter 

Small: 3.75” height, 2.875” diameter 

Measurements are approximate and may very slightly. 

Burn time

Large: approximately 40 hours

Small: approximately 25 hours


Exclusive candle designs can be made uniquely for you as wholesalers or your retail store. Please inquire to YAYA.

Benefits of candles

Benefits of candles

Using candles and diffuser in your home can improve your quality of life. From time to time, lighting a couple of candles in the most special environments can bring stability, confidence and other benefits to your home.

1. Peace and harmony
2. Aromatherapy
3. Contact with the present
4. Stimulates creativity
5. Reduce stress
6. Positive environment