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Jaspe Stone

I represent in this candle design, the waterfall of “Jaspe” a jewel located in the Gran Sabana in Venezuela, in honor of my niece.

The waterfall of “Jaspe (Kako Paru)” is one of the natural monuments of Venezuela, and its name is due to the fact that the bottom is made of a semiprecious stone called Jaspe of very strong red color. 

To get to the waterfall “de Jaspe” you have to walk along a small path under the shade of the gallery forest. The ideal time is to arrive at noon, since the sun hits directly on the jasper stone, lighting it in a spectacular way and the entire bottom of the river that is made of that material turns bright red.   

Jaspe is a primarily ornamental rock whose beauty has been revered by various cultures since ancient times.  

Today the Jaspe stone symbolizes knowledge and good fortune.  

This gem is also closely linked to wisdom, inner peace and emotional balance.   

Enhance your space with this beautiful and environmentally friendly candle that provides a rich aromatherapy scent.   

100% soy wax, phthalate-free 


White, Red, black, gray + Gold  


Citron and Mandarin 

Citrus essential oils offer a variety of wellness benefits. They are rich in limonene. Limonene is a chemical component found in the peel of all citrus fruits.  

The Essential oil is especially appreciated for its ability to balance mood and emotions. 

Smelling these precious oils elevates your mood and helps increase physical and mental energy levels.  

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, phthalate-free. 


5.5” height, 3.5” diameter

Measurements are approximate and may very slightly


Burn time

Approximate 40 hours

Exclusive candle designs can be made uniquely for you as wholesalers or your retail store. Please inquire to YAYA.

Benefits of candles

Benefits of candles

Using candles and diffuser in your home can improve your quality of life. From time to time, lighting a couple of candles in the most special environments can bring stability, confidence and other benefits to your home.

1. Peace and harmony
2. Aromatherapy
3. Contact with the present
4. Stimulates creativity
5. Reduce stress
6. Positive environment