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Orchids Care

Like all orchids, this plant does not tolerate excess humidity or waterlogging, both in the leaves and in the roots. Therefore, they should be watered in the morning once per week. 
It is important not to water Phalaenopsis with tap water. Usually, these waters are extremely hard and have too high a mineral content, so it is necessary to use light mineral water or treat the water to demineralize it. 

Light and location: 
The butterfly orchid Phalaenopsis does not tolerate direct sun exposure well but will not grow well in shady environments either. Look for a very bright room, where the sun's rays do not fall directly on your plant. Using a curtain that lets in some natural light can also be a particularly good option. 

Ideal temperature for Phalaenopsis: 
As a tropical plant that it is, it does not tolerate intense cold or extremely elevated temperatures with dryness. The ideal temperature range for the butterfly orchid is between 73 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.